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With a variety of high-end student properties available in several key UK university locations, our studios and apartments offer stylish and comfortable accommodation for students who appreciate the value of real quality. All of our properties are fully furnished to a high standard and come with everything you need.

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All of our locations include…

  • Superfast broadband
  • Site security
  • Utility bills paid
  • Five-star accommodation
  • En-suite bathrooms

5-star student accommodation

Here at StudentFM we’re committed to providing an exceptional service from start to finish. Our tenants may be from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to rent superior student accommodation and experience the higher standard of living that comes with it.

How Students Get Assignments Completed Quickly 〰 Without Sacrificing Quality


Thinking about how you can maximize your students budget? We have some quick tips for you!✔️Separate your needs from you want.✔️ Write down your expenses in an agenda.✔️Save a small daily amount.✔️Assign a weekly budget and try to stick to that limit.#UKliving ...
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The pomodoro technique consists of alternating small blocks of productivity (25 minutes) with short breaks to regain energy (5 minutes). This cycle should be repeated 4 times in a row and from there, it is time to add minutes to the break.This technique is widely used to cover large amounts of study but, of course, requires that you have a certain level of organization to get to cover all the topics.If you choose a task and focus on it for 25 minutes and then rest for a while, you will notice that concentration does not decrease gradually as it happens when you study for 2 or 3 hours at a time.Have you ever tried this technique?#studyingtips #studyingtime #universityhacks #UKstudent #pomodorotechnique #pomodoromethod #timemanagement #productivityhacks #educationpost #educationposts ...
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If you did not find your ideal apartment, you have a lot to talk about with us.Visit our website to see all the apartments we have available #UKstudent #studentaccommodation #studentabroad #studentapartments ...
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What do you think of these do's and dont's?#UKliving #UKstudent #studentaccommodation #studentabroad #studentapartments ...
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Thinking about how you can maximize your students budget? We have some quick tips for you! ✔️Separate your needs f…
We wanted to share some motivation for this week 👏 Double tap if you needed to read this ♥️ #studyingtips
This technique consists of small blocks of productivity (25 minutes) and short breaks to regain energy (5 minutes).…
Large studio apartments available 🏡 At Student FM we have a wide range of 5-star accommodations at affordable price…