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With a variety of high-end student properties available in several key UK university locations, our studios and apartments offer stylish and comfortable accommodation for students who appreciate the value of real quality. All of our properties are fully furnished to a high standard and come with everything you need.

Our student properties are the perfect solution

All of our locations include…

  • Superfast broadband
  • Site security
  • Utility bills paid
  • Five-star accommodation
  • En-suite bathrooms

Our standards make us stand out

Here at StudentFM we’re committed to providing an exceptional service from start to finish. Our tenants may be from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to rent superior student accommodation and experience the higher standard of living that comes with it.



Eat Healthily:
Eat #Healthy and stay #fit. As a student, we do put a lot of tension on us. Hence, as a result, it does not always become possible for us to stay healthy. Plus it also affects our mind, and as a result, we end up wasting our lots of time.

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Our team are always happy to chat and offer their advice, so if you’d like to contact us regarding our properties, investment opportunities or development partnerships, you can do so using any of the details below: ...

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Cultivate the belief that #intelligence isn’t a fixed trait:

Research has proven that students who believe that they can become smarter actually do become smarter.

Belief is that powerful.

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