Preston is a great city for students. The city has a lot to offer, both academically and socially. The university staff and student community is currently counting close to 38,000 and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) offers world-class educational facilities.

Since recently, student accommodation in Preston also began offering more than your average student rooms and tiny crammed studios. Today, you can get your own fully furnished studio apartment in a newly renovated student complex for the price of those old student rentals or less.

Benefit #1: One bill every month and NO extra costs
You will find the best value student accommodation in Preston by renting at either Canterbury Hall on Garstang Road or Warehouse Apartments on Victoria Street. Both of these student communities offer an all-inclusive rental contract, where all your monthly expenses are included in one price of rent. That means you don’t have to worry about signing your own utility contracts, internet subscription, insurance coverage or TV License — all of that will be included in your rent. Not having to worry about how long showers your take, how much heating you use, or whether you will receive any extra bills, allows you to relax, study and enjoy your time in Preston.

Benefit #2: Live less than 0.5 from UCLan
Nobody wants to get up early in the morning to catch the bus to class — or worry wether they can afford the bus fees when going to social activities in the city centre. The expensive transport fees quickly add up and eats what you might save living further from campus. With accommodation at Canterbury Hall or Warehouse Apartments, you live right next to UCLan and save both time and money on transport. No more worrying about catching the last bus home in the middle of the fun!

Benefit #3: The safest place for students to live in Preston
Living close to campus is not just comfortable, it is also safer since you have less of a commute through the rush hour traffic. You won’t get lost if you live walking distance from campus.

Both Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments have a big focus on providing a safe living environment for all student tenants. As such on-site security and content insurance will be included in your rent, and you will be living in a cosy environment with around 200 other students.

To learn more about Canterbury Hall, Warehouse Apartments and student accommodation in Preston, visit:

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