How do I know my student accommodation is safe and secure?

Universities must provide quality accommodation for their students, which should be a clear priority for higher education institutions in 2022. For international students, this will involve traveling from their home country to settle in an environment that is less familiar to them. Therefore, it’s paramount that all students feel safe and comfortable in their accommodation, as a hostile living situation can significantly impact their overall university experience. And to make sure that your student accommodation is safe and secure, here are some pointers that you need to check:


Active security cameras

Security cameras are everyday essentials for safe and secure establishments to help protect their facilities, equipment, staff, and students. Cameras in typical areas and exterior doors: These cameras will be used for recording to deter theft of student property, criminal activity, alert staff in real-time of any incidents, help to keep intruders out, and give parents and students peace of mind.


Door card Access Security

Access control systems offer a better way to use access credentials, specifically intelligent cards or proximity cards. For instance, an access control system can identify whose card was scanned to open a door, increasing security and providing a digital trail of evidence in case of an incident.


In-action Security Patrols 

Security guards are an essential element of student care in private residence halls. Not only do they keep the students and the building secure and remove anyone who shouldn’t be there, but they can observe and monitor the wellbeing of students and convey anything uncommon to the halls or directly to the university.


Prepared Emergency Kit 

The safety of students while on campus is always a primary concern. Whether it’s a natural disaster, severe weather conditions, or other unforeseen emergencies that occur, students must be self-sufficient for a short period. While the university plans for emergencies, all faculty staff and students should plan for taking care of their own needs—as it relates to possible evacuation and closure of the campus. 


COVID-19 Protocols

There should be strict measures in place if someone in your student accommodation catches COVID-19. First, students who develop symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate in their accommodation. Students should then alert the accommodation managers or university, who will assess if anyone else in the household is required to self-isolate.


Make Sure Your Covered with Insurance

Insurance ensures that you don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get your possessions replaced if something happens. Assessing the increased risk of fire and theft when you and your flat/housemates depart your student home empty, it’s a good idea to make sure your gadgets and belongings are protected with appropriate student insurance – both in your student house and while you’re out and about.


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