Finding comfortable accommodation on a student budget is… Hard. No doubt about it. But securing your accommodation early can save you A LOT of money each month, not to say over the course of a semester.

There are 3 main things you need to consider when looking for cheap student accommodation in Sheffield:
1. The cost of your rent
2. The cost of your monthly bills
3. The cost of variable expenses connected with your accommodation.

The first point is straight forward. If you want to stay on budget, you cannot rent a castle with 9 towers and a private lake. However, you should NOT only be looking at tiny student chambers at the outskirt of Sheffield either.
Think about it this way: Most new students look for cheap, small rooms at the beginning of each semester. That means high competition that drives the price of rent up. That is why you can often get larger rooms or even a studio apartment at almost the same price as a tiny, crammed student room. — So take a little time to consider different options before the settle for the cheapest room.

Cheapest is NOT always cheapest

What we mean is that if you look at the price of rent in isolation you often get a very poor representation of how much the accommodation will actually cost you. If one rental offer is set at a lower price than another, but does not include essential monthly expenses like utility bills, then it might very well be more expensive in the end.
To get a genuine comparison of living costs, make sure to include the price of water, electricity, heating, content insurance, WiFi subscription, etc. These costs add up over time so they are just as important as the price of rent.

The costs that most students forget

So many students forget the small extra costs that add up over the course of a semester. These include transportation costs, if you live far from campus and the city centre, bus fees will make up a substantial part of your living costs. So paying slightly more to live close to the university can save you a lot of money in the end.

All inclusive student accommodation in Sheffield

Does all-inclusive sound expensive? Well, it isn’t. Aspect 3 offers Sheffield University students accommodation at try affordable rates. As tenants at Aspect 3 just 0.6 miles from The University of Sheffield, students get an all-inclusive bill every month — the price you see is the one you are going to get.
Because all utility and insurance bills are included in the rent and negotiated by a nationwide team of facility managers, you get a lower price than you are likely to be able to negotiate yourself. Plus you save all installation and activation fees.

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