What do you want from your student accommodation near Keele University?

— Low cost of living?

— To live right in the bustling city centre?

— Never to worry about extra costs blowing your budget?

Then The Metropolis in the heart of Newcastle-Under-Lyme is the perfect Keele University student accommodation for you!
Here you will your own fully furnished studio, complete with ensuite bathroom, private kitchen, and study space. Enjoy a large, comfortable 3/4 size bed, plenty of storage space, a quiet and private study space in your studio. Or step out your door to the spacious group study areas and café style common room for those group projects and social activities.

Once your studies are over, head down to the games zone and have a great time with your new neighbours. Or take part in the many social activities and events arranged by the student ambassadors on site.

You will have access to just about everything you need without leaving the premise. Such as on-site parcel-delivery room, laundrette, and bicycle storage. And your neighbours will be 210 fellow Keele University students, so there will be plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

Each studio is between 18m2 and 32m2, with modern planning to make the best possible use of that space. When you enter the bright and open studio, you will get an experience of a room that feels much larger than it actually is. The living, study and sleeping areas are kept separate to give a real sense of living in a modern apartment.

What makes The Metropolis the cheapest student accommodation in Newcastle-Under-Lyme?
The Metropolis is a brand new complex, opening its doors to tenants for the 2020/21 study year. The moder
n and stylish architecture is not only looks amazing, it makes the building much cheaper to maintain. The superior energy efficiency, state-of-the-art insulation, and low maintenance costs are all savings that are passed on to the tenants. That means you get a brand new and luxurious living experience at a fraction of the cost.

Living here costs from £130 per week. That price includes ALL you monthly expenses, such as utility costs (water, electricity and heating), content insurance, internet subscription, TV License, and all one-off costs, like installation/activation fees, recalculations, etc. Finding accommodation anywhere in Newcastle-Under-Lyme for £130/week is almost impossible. Even a tiny room in an old building will likely end up costing you more over the course of a semester.

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