Starting your studies at the University of Chester next semester? — Congratulation! Chester is a great place to live and study.
But as soon as the thrill of starting this exciting new chapter of your life has settled, you need to start thinking of where you are going to live during these next years of your life… Or rather, you need to take action and secure a place right away, because affordable University of Chester student accommodation gets occupied quickly.

How do you find the best Chester student accommodation?
Start by figuring out your budget. If money is no option, finding a comfortable apartment probably won’t be too difficult. But for all on a limited student budget, waiting too long can become very, very expensive.

Expect to pay anywhere from £130 to £300 per week for studio apartments in Chester for students. This might sound like a lot, but your budget has to include rent, utilities, insurance, commuting, internet and TV plus all one-off costs like activation fees, installation costs, and recalculations at the end of the year. If you forget to include any of these costs in your budget, you are in for an unpleasant surprise once that bill arrives.

Once you have defined your budget, find the best offer you can get at that price. Remember, you can afford a slightly higher price of rent in the city centre, because you won’t have any expenses for public transport. Transport is a substantial post on your budget if you live further than walking distance from campus.

Dual occupancy — cut your expenses by 50%
If you are on a really tight budget, or just want to spend your student budget on other things than rent and water bills, finding a roommate might be the perfect way to save some cash. Make sure the rental offers you are looking at allows for dual occupancy at no extra costs. Now you can effectively cut your living expenses in half. Or you can afford a more spacious and centrally located studio, that otherwise would be off budget.

The best place to live in Chester if you are a student
Your best options when it comes student accommodation on a budget are Northgate Point and Northgate Studios just 0.7 mile from the University of Chester. Here you get all your expenses included in your rent. And by that we mean ALL EXPENSES. You move in, pay your rent once a month, and receive no extra bills at all. This way of renting is convenient, but also cheaper, because your utility costs stay at a set low price no matter how much heating, water or electricity you use.

For more information about Northgate Point and Northgate Studios and the cheapest Chester student accommodation, visit:

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