What unique hobbies can I do for fun that help me post-university?

Looking to try a new pastime? We’ve got you covered. Many have extra time on their hands with breaks from school fast approaching. 


What do you do to pass the time?


If you research hobbies, you get many lists of a variety of activities to choose from. It can feel overwhelming. Too much information, right? So we are breaking down the hobbies into three categories. We are sure you will find at least one hobby that you’ve never tried. We hope you fall in love with something new.


Happy hobby hunting!

There are productive hobbies?


Absolutely! Give a few of these suggestions a try while also getting something done in the process. It feels pretty good to do both at the same time.

Painting and Drawing


Coloring and sketching are some of the first skills we try when we are young. Often, as we get older we forget about the artsy side of ourselves. You may think you are not an “artist” but you may not have found the type of art you enjoy.


Consider trying acrylic paint instead of oil-based. Paint by numbers instead of freehand (which takes forever but will look gorgeous in the end). There are so many ways to create your next masterpiece. Give it a whirl.



Many people HATE writing with a passion. They will do everything possible to avoid it. Start writing something in a journal every day. This helps you to become a better writer and find your own unique voice. 


Writing has a wealth of opportunities. It could become a job for you. Think about it. How many articles, blogs, promotional emails, ebooks, and magazines do you read in a week? Someone has to write those. Start by writing about your day or search for journal prompts online.

Making Stickers


How cool does this sound? All you need is sticky paper, a printer, and a pair of scissors. That’s it. Print any design you want. Make up your own sayings, images, or pictures. Or you can use ones you’ve seen on other products for inspiration.


If you would like more details on how to make stickers, check out Youtube. We both know Youtube has a plethora of tutorials on pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to know. Sticker making could turn into a nice side business. 

Create Youtube Videos


This is another option that could start out as a hobby but turn into a serious money maker. There are many YouTubers who started a channel because it was fun and now it’s their full-time gig. Content on this platform is endless. You can create cooking, how-to’s, journey learning an instrument, and so much more.


Making videos is perfect for creative minds. You don’t need fancy equipment. You can record with your mobile. Play around with it. You will figure out how to shoot videos, edit and come up with new content. You may enjoy this creative avenue.

Learn a Language


Learning a new language is such an amazing talent. Some people have a knack for it and others don’t. If this is definitely not for you, that’s ok. We totally get it. But if you would like to give this a chance, it easier than ever to pick up a few words here and there. 


Check out Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. They both have various language options. One is free with limitations and the other costs money. Sometimes Rosetta Stone has sales for a lifetime membership including all languages. That’s something to consider if you have the ear for it. Not to mention, languages are impressive on job applications.

Develop Photography Skills


Capturing moments in time is a beautiful skill to develop. Get glamorous shots on your first day of trying. You don’t an expensive camera. Many camera phones take sharp, crisp photos and have editing options. 


If you want to get into this hobby, the Canon Rebel line is decent for starting out. Of course, there are more expensive cameras out there. Start off with your phone and see if you like it. Then, feel free to bury yourself in research on camera stats.

Grow a few Plants


Some plants are impossible to kill. If you are nervous about not being able to keep your plants alive, start off with something hearty. Be sure to find out what the water and sunlight needs for a plant are and if you have a spot where it should thrive.


It’s very satisfying when a plant grows a new leaf. Keeping something other than yourself alive is a big accomplishment. You helped it grow and it’s still alive. That’s something to celebrate. Newbie plant people often over or underwater plants. If you are struggling, see if a friend or relative has some pointers that are specific to your climate. 

I want to do a fun and unique pastime.


Ok, go ahead give these ideas a wack.

Add personality to products


Artists like to create. It feeds their soul. Upload your designs on websites to have them put on clothes, mugs, or stickers (if you don’t want to make the stickers). 


If you are crafty, upload a design or photo to create a made by you game board or deck of cards. Don’t want to upload an idea you are playing around with? Design a new, homemade board game on your own. Then try it out with your flatmate or family.

Write Letters


We know this idea sounds like it came from WWII. But this can actually have a therapeutic effect. Get inventive by designing your own stationery and envelopes. 


It’s like journaling except you can vent to someone who will listen. It’s a great way to get your emotions out. You don’t have to send your letter out. It helps to vent even if it’s just between you and your letter. No judgment.

Make Candles or Soap


Who doesn’t love a good homemade gift? When you make an item instead of buying it from the market, it’s so much more special to the receiver. Try customizing what you make by adding in some glitter, pressed flowers, or stones to make it stand out. 


Consider customizing your end product with special colours, pretty packaging, or scents. Whoever you make your creations for is going to love it. You are going through the work of designing something special. Your creativity will be appreciated.



We all like this hobby. Learning which alcohols go well together helps you know what you enjoy.  It’s easier to know what to order when you go out. Branch out a little and trying mixing juices or flavors with coffee or tea.


You can find recipes online or just start mixing. What works together and what doesn’t may surprise you. 

Design  a collage or scrapbook


Making a collage is wonderful for the ones who don’t have a steady hand at drawing but enjoy being creative. The only skill you need is the ability to use scissors. Everyone can do that.


Cutting pictures of friends and family can help your flat feel like home fast. Or pictures from a magazine can serve as a vision board to work your way through Uni and post-graduation. Either way, anyone can do it.

Organize a guide for your movies, books, or music.


This may not sound like the most enjoyable use of your time. Doesn’t it feel good when you know where all of your stuff is? Everything has a place and it’s actually there. There are a variety of ways you can organize your movies, books, or music. 


Try sorting them by color, genre, or alphabetically. If you want to go crazy with it, do more than one. For example, by color and title. Just remember to put it back in it’s spot on your shelf. 

What hobbies can I add to my job applications post University?


There are a few things you can include in your resume that may surprise you. 



Sports show you are health-conscious, energetic, and you work well with others. It’s more impressive when you are the captain of your team. This demonstrates your leadership skills. Experience guiding a team shows the type of qualities you have while interacting with others. Consider including activities like soccer, tennis, swimming, or yoga.



Artistic hobbies are important if you are looking for a job in a creative or design-focused field. When managers see this, they know straight away that you have an eye for detail. Many companies value a detail-oriented employee. Activities like dance, painting, or woodworking demonstrate artists’ qualities.



Interested in having a role at a nonprofit organization? Do you see yourself at a company that believes in doing things to benefit society? This is definitely something you should include. Volunteer work says that you are generous, can manage your time, and you care about the concerns of others. 



People who travel often are likely to be open-minded, bold, and forgiving. Does the job include travel, knowledge of cultures/customs, or becoming a multicultural team? Mention travel expereience. Something you have done for fun can say a lot about you as a person.



Creating a blog, podcast, or youtube channel works if it fits with the position you are applying for. By mentioning this, you are saying “I’m creative, organized, and know a thing or two about tech”. But, only mention this is it’s relevant to your work. 



Video games showcase problem-solving skills and your ability to collaborate with others remotely. You should be careful when you mention this hobby so you don’t come off as unprofessional. Adding gaming to the list will likely be well suited and received- only in the tech world. Mum is going to flip when she finds out you’ve added gaming to your work resume. But hey, this is the 21st century.



Whether you play or create music, you bring special qualities to an open job position. Show your discipline, dedication, and innovation in what you do through music. When you are a band member, that requires collaboration and communication with others. Add composing, beatboxing, or songwriting is useful in any industry. It’s like a free for all. All companies love these qualities.


Now you’ve got some ideas to try out. They come in handy later when you are looking for a job in your field. Hobbies demonstrate positive qualities that an employer wants to have on their team. Pair the job with relevant activities you enjoy and it will not feel like work. 


We hope you found something that suits your fancy. If so, give it a go.

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