The key to finding cheap student accommodation in Sheffield — or in any other university city for that matter — is to calculate you TOTAL expenses BEFORE you sign your rental contract.


Because the studio or shared student apartment that looks cheapest on paper can quickly get a lot more expensive than you think. Remember rent is only one of your monthly expenses, so failing to consider the others can cause a lot of headaches and unforeseen bills over the course of the semester.

Before you begin comparing prices on Sheffield student accommodation, take at look at whether utilities (water, electricity, heating, etc.) is included in the price of rent you see for each rental offer. If not, then you need to consider how much you will have to pay for your utilities.

Things to be aware of:

An older building will have poorer insulation than newly build properties. This means that your heating bill will be significantly higher during the cold British winter — exchange students should especially take notice of the British climate. Limited air circulation might also require a cooling fan for the colder months — as air-con isn’t common in the UK — and that might jack up your electricity bill.

If you like not thinking about the length of your showers, accommodation that includes water in your rent would probably be the ideal solution for you.

And finally the price you pay for utilities are only interim payments. At the end of the year you can receive a recalculation bill. It often shocks students to see how much water, heating and electricity they spend after not thinking about it for a year.

Other monthly expenses

Renting accommodation in the UK you need content insurance. As a student, you might not have that valuable possessions in your room or studio, but insurance contracts still make up a significant expense over the course of a semester. And then there is WiFi subscription that adds another bill every month.

The often forgotten living expense

Transport is often overlooked as a living expense because it takes place outside your home. But if you think about it, the longer you live from campus and the city centre you will be paying bus fares every day to class plus for social activities downtown. For foreign students it is again worth checking the price of transport in the UK, as they are higher than in most other countries. In the end, what you save by living further from campus, easily goes to transport fees instead.

So where’s the cheapest Sheffield student accommodation?

Now that you are aware of all the expenses related to your stay in Sheffield, consider this offer:

– All-inclusive rental contract
– Incl. all utilities, content insurance, high speed wireless internet connection and on-site security.
– Spacious 16-29m2 modern studios with your own en-suite bathroom

From just £74/week.

That is the deal you get at Aspect 3 on Edward Street. Located just 0.6 miles from The University of Sheffield, you will not have to rely on public transport to get to class, social activities or events in Sheffield city centre.
So if you are looking for cheap student accommodation, it doesn’t get easier, more comfortable or cheaper than renting an all-inclusive student apartment at Aspect 3.

To learn more about Aspect 3 and Sheffield University accommodation, visit: https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-sheffield/

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