What is the best student accommodation in Sheffield?

That depends on what you want from your first home away from home.

But if you want to live right next to campus, so you don’t have to get up early in the morning, or spend an hour commuting every day. To get a fixed low price of rent every month, with no extra costs neither before, during or after your stay. Or to live in a brand new student community housing 416 other students, where you easily can make new friends form day one…

— Then Aspect 3 on Edward Street in central Sheffield is definitely worth checking out.

Here a standard ensuite on the first floor will cost you less than £100/week. And that includes all the costs like utilities (water, heating and electricity), TV License and WiFi connection, and content insurance in your rent.

Think of it like staying in an all-inclusive luxury hotel, where you don’t have to worry about how much you spend but just enjoy your vacation. — Why shouldn’t living and studying in Sheffield be the same? If you rent a studio at Aspect 3, it can be!
Take as long showers as you desire, without worrying about your water bill. Turn up the heating during the cold, British winter, without thinking about your end-of-year recalculation. Move in and connect to the high speed WiFi without paying any installation fees — or any general activation fees on any of your utilities.

Including all these costs in your price of rent, doesn’t just make in convenient to live here, it is part of secures you cheap student accommodation. The facility management team behind Aspect 3, houses thousands of students across the UK. They leverage their size to secure large contracts with utility providers, insurance companies, etc., and passes the savings on to their tenants. That means that you get a much better price on your total living costs, than you would if you were to sign all those contracts yourself and pay the extra costs related to it.

For that reason, Aspect 3 can offer you more comfort, convince and luxuries at a cheaper price than any other cheap student accommodation near Sheffield University. But for the same reasons, the 417 spacious and modern studios at Aspect 3 quickly get occupied really fast every semester. So if you want to secure the best deal you are going to get on your student accommodation in Sheffield, then you should make sure to sign up early.

For more information about Aspect 3 and luxury accommodation for students in Sheffield, visit: https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-sheffield/.

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