If you definition of luxury is to live in spacial studio or apartment in the heart of town right next to campus. Not having to worry about paying extra bills, unexpected fees, or expensive recalculations. And live in a vibrant student community with great common areas and facilities free to use?

— Then you have great options in Leicester!

StudentFM is offering all inclusive student accommodation in Leicester at prices students can afford.

What is the benefit of all-inclusive accommodation?

Staying in an all-inclusive hotel means you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your vacation. And most importantly, you will know exactly how much your vacation will cost before you go, not unpleasant surprises at check out.
All-inclusive student accommodation is the same. You will know exactly how much you will have to pay each month — no utility, insurance or internet bills to worry about. All those costs will be included in your rent. StudentFM’s team of facility managers will negotiate accommodation costs on behalf of you and thousands of other students across the country.

— And as result you get the cheapest student accommodation in Leicester.

NB: We are not talking about the lowest price of rent compared to other accommodation options. We are talking about your TOTAL EXPENSES when all bills are paid. Be careful not only to look for the lowest price of rent when you look for student accommodation, that can be really expensive in the end.

Edge Apartments and Primus Place

These two student communities on Jarrom Street and Gateway street are hands down the best student accommodation in Leicester. Both around 100 meters from the De Montfort University main campus, you will not have to rely on public transport in order to get to class or visit your study mates. That is another cost you save, helping you get the most out of you student time in Leicester.

Both complexes offer spacious 20m2-35m2 student apartments, fully equipped with every you need to get comfortable from day one. Each of the large independent rooms offers tenants a quite place to study, contrasting the always energetic student activities going on outside.
With room for almost 300 students in total, Edge Apartments and Primus Place make up the most exciting student community in Leicester. To get a spot, it is recommended to sign up early, as accommodation offered by StudentFM usually gets occupied fast. Cheaper prices and great social opportunities appears to be popular among students.

If you are looking for the cheapest luxury international student accommodation Leicester, visit https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-leicester/. https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-leicester/.

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