Isn’t student life supposed to be about cramming into a tiny room with just a bed and a study desk? Isn’t the leaking window in the winter and long commute to class part of the charm?

Not anymore. Today, you can get your own spacious student apartment fully equipped with modern utilities and furniture. And the best part is… It comes cheaper than you think.

StudentFM has introduced a new model of luxury student accommodation in Leicester and most other university cities across the UK. Their accommodation is based on an all-inclusive model, where their team of professional facility managers will negotiate deals with utility providers, insurance companies, internet providers and all the other costs you need to include in your accommodation budget. All those costs are then included in the rent to save tenants the registration fees, recalculations, and installation costs that comes with signing the contracts themselves.

Because they negotiate contracts on behalf of thousands of students across the country, they can offer much lower prices for accommodation than students can arrange on their own.

So when we ask why students increasingly are looking for luxurious student accommodation in Leicester, the answer is because it is cheaper.

How cheap? Well, all inclusive living costs at Edge Apartments or Primus Place in the heart of Leicester starts from just £153-157. That includes everything from utilities to insurance and high speed wifi subscription. If you want to compare this price to what you are gong to pay living somewhere else, you have to include the following costs:

– Rent
– Water
– Electricity
– Heating (foreign students should remember that the UK gets cold in winter)
– Content insurance
– WiFi subscription
– All installation, activation, and recalculation fees
– Transport costs (living less than 100 meters from campus is a BIG saver)

Once you have calculated all of these costs you can make your own comparison to know which is cheaper: Edge Apartments/Primus Place or the Do It Yourself route.

Well, at least sort of… Because with the Do It Yourself route comes uncertainty. How much will that leaking window increase my heating bill? How long showers can I afford? These kinds of worries go away with an all-inclusive solution. Shower as long as you want and no need to feel cold during the colder months. — That is the real luxury of luxury student accommodation.

If you are looking for student accommodation near Leicester? Why choose to live right in the heart of the city then? Visit https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-leicester/https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-leicester/ for more information.

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