How To Choose The Perfect Accommodation In Manchester

How To Choose The Perfect Accommodation In Manchester

One of the most thrilling things about starting university is the opportunity to move out of home and make some of your own choices, including where you will live and explore your university years. There are many accommodation options and variations to choose from in Manchester. Manchester provides a great opportunity to participate in a wide range of cultural activities in a modern city setting. It is the epicentre of the country’s thriving arts and culture scene; that is why Manchester is one of the best locations for your student accommodation.


In Manchester, there are a variety of options for student housing (both on-campus and off-campus), and whichever you choose, this can affect your student life journey from the start. That’s why we’re here to help you with how to choose the perfect accommodation in Manchester. Are you ready to take notes?


1.    Mind the cost of living


Expect the struggle and challenges of living in your university adventure. Manchester is a city full of inspiring vibes, and life-changing quests, which is why surviving economically can be a significant challenge. So, here’s a rundown of your average cost of living.


Rent takes up the most amount of your budget, but it still depends on the type of accommodation you choose. Learning how much you can spend on student accommodation helps when considering other factors and weighing up options later. But on average, it can cost anywhere near 100-200 GBP. Then comes food which is also a crucial part of your expenses; it could roughly go from 44-65 GBP per week. Travel expenses depend on the distance you live from your university and the city centre, costing you 60-100 GBP per week. So, it would be a great help for you if you first considered your cost of living to find perfect accommodation in Manchester.


2.  Big things to reconsider


Apart from estimating the distance and how far the accommodation is from campus, you might also consider the specific location for your commuting, security, and cultural barriers. Having easy access to public transportation and getting to your university quickly saves money and time. Having a safe space and peace of mind can also improve your student’s life. Nowadays, most housing zones have added extra security, such as having a security system and trained guards so that you can ensure that


outsiders are not permitted to enter gated communities. These things cannot just affect your student life butalso your safety and self-development, that’s why you need to start planning and finding the perfect accommodation in Manchester for you and your friends.


3.  Check the payment agreement


Deposit: The deposit is recoverable at the end of your stay if the contract requirements are followed. This is also a one-time payment made to the owner in the form of a specified sum. The average deposit as of 2022 is between £150 and £400.


Guarantor: Only if you have a guarantor will you be able to pay in installments. A lease guarantor is a third party who assists in providing rental security. Please note that you will not be needed to offer a guarantor if you pay the rent in full at the start of the tenancy.


Pet: Unfortunately, pets are generally not permitted unless they are licensed assistance dogs.


Lease Duration: Property administrators usually give preference to one-year leases. Landlords may even consider a six-month lease. Some property managers also provide the option of a three-month short-term lease. Fortunately, a longer lease time will usually result in a significant reduction in your monthly rate. Abandoning a lease can have severe financial and legal ramifications.


Cancellation Policy: Most property managers and property owners allow you to cancel your reservation within 3-14 days of making it. You may be required to pay weekly rent (for every week or half week) until the room can be re-let if you cancel your booking after those 3-14 days. If the property management and the student cannot find a substitute, the student will be required to pay the full amount of rent as stipulated in the contract.


Booking Fees: This is usually the sum charged by the landlord as a deposit. If the admin fee is applied, the total cost you may wind up paying at the time of booking is as follows: Admin Fee + Deposit.


The number of tenants: The maximum number of tenants that can reside in an apartment is usually stated in the unit guidelines. In most cases, a single student is housed in a single room. Studio apartments may enable couples to share a room if they are both students.



4.  Paperwork and Requirements


To formally rent a space for your student accommodation. In most cases, you may be requested to prepare and submit a copy of your University Admit Card. If you are an international student, then probably your valid ids, passport and visa. Aside from that, no documentation is necessary, but please try to ask to avoid time-consuming tasks that may distract you from choosing your perfect accommodation in Manchester.



5.  Beware of Scam and fraud alerts


Expect and prepare yourself for many chances of encountering frauds and scams; to avoid this; you have to keep an eye on who you trust and how you do your business. Make sure you do an in-depth background check before sending any amount or any of your documents to anyone but don’t let this matter disturb you in finding your perfect accommodation in Manchester.


6.  Research and check your preferred type of accommodation


The advantage of being a student in Manchester is that there is a lot variety of places that you find and choose to get your perfect student accommodation. You could live in intercollegiate halls or even in your university halls or private accommodation. Starting your research as early as possible will allow you more time to discover the range of options, weigh all the relevant factors for you, and hopefully, get you your perfect student accommodation in Manchester!


We all know that moving out of your home is a big deal and a step closer to adulting. Fortunately, Manchester is a wonderful place for tourists, sports enthusiasts, and most importantly, aspiring students likeyou, so what are you waiting for? Student FM can help you find perfect accommodation with a variety of high-end student properties in Manchester apartments that offer stylish and comfortable accommodation for students who appreciate the value of real quality. Book now and find the perfect accommodation in Manchester today! Visit now!

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